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  • Juice Shin


Lock them up.

Police have spoken with the individual who sued KBS' Drama 'King of Tears' killed a horse for the sake of a stunt scene on an episode.

According to Yonhap News on the 27th, Seoul's Mapo District Police spoke with a Mr. Choi Min Kyung of KARA, an animal protection organization, as the plaintiff of a criminal suit filed against KBS' 'King of Tears' production team.

The District Police plans on calling in the production team for investigation next, it is not clear whether or not files will be charged.

What is clear, however, is that murder was committed by the production crew and it would be nothing short of a shame if those behind the decision and those that went through with the act are not held accountable.

KBS and the production crew of the drama have been heavily criticized for killing a horse during a stunt scene. The crew deployed an ancient method used in early Hollywood where a horse's leg is taken out from under it by tying it with rope and pulling it. Horses rarely survive severe falls or leg injuries.

Celebrities, including TAEYEON has taken KBS to task for attempting to cover up the incident as an accident.


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