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As reported by YTN

Jinha | Out

According to a YTN report, actor Jin Ha, who stars in the upcoming Apple TV+ original drama 'Pachinko', is alleged to have taken illegal photos of Korean grandmothers and allegedly posted them on his personal website using disrespectful and lewd comments to describe them.

On the 25th, a netizen wrote a post in an online community titled, 'The Korean-American actor who appeared in Pachinko took nonconsensual photos of Korean grandmothers'.

The netizen who wrote the post alleged, "Korean-American actor Jinha from 'Pachinko' posted voyeur photos of Korean grandmothers on a website he made with his portfolio, it has been released for over 10 years until now, 2022.”

Jinha's alleged site, the grandmothers have been blurred in the shared picture out of respect

In addition, "You can see photos of grandmothers who were illegally filmed on the subway, etc.," the poster alleges.

The pictures that are alleged to have depicted the grandmothers written in this article have all been taken down as of writing this article.

In addition, in the photos of the grandmothers, Jinha is alleged to have referred to some as sexy and allegedly wrote about one grandmother that it was difficult to control his lust. He allegedly wrote about imagining connecting the dots all over another model's body.

JINHA in Apple TV+ Pachinko

He also is said to have called another grandmother, "Kim Jong Il's sister", and is alleged to have said another "looked like a duck".

The creator of the community post said, "Illegal filming is also a problem, and the objectifying and sexualization of grandmothers are disrespectful and abhorrent."

Jin-ha, a Korean-American actor, is to appear in the Apple TV+ drama series 'Pachinko', which is to be released on the 25th, playing the grandson of actress Yoon Yeo Jeong.

Filming a public citizen without consent and posting someone online without censoring their face is against South Korean law unless consented.

Edited: This story has been picked up by Korea's largest news outlets such as 'Seoul Papers' (, YTN, Maeil Economy, among others.


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