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  • Cole Yoon


Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The Queen has spoken.

Taeyeon on January 22nd, criticized KBS for killing a horse during filming drama 'The King Of Tears', writing on her IG story, "It's to hard to watch the footage, my heart aches and tears run. And it makes me so angry", attached with the caption was a formal complaint Korea's Animal Rights Activists had written to KBS.

Taeyeon continued writing, "How can you film that way in today's age.. this is too cruel for both animal and actor. Did someone aid the horse right away? Who ordered this.. outdated insane, method of filming..

Fellow celebrities, Yoo Yeon Suk, Go So Young, Kim Hyo Jin, Gong Hyo Jin, have all raised their objection to the murdering of an innocent animal.

Drama 'King of Tears Lee Bang Won', is facing immense backlash and calls for cancellation after it was reported that they murdered a horse while filming a scene. There are calls for criminal prosecution, whether it will happen is yet to be seen.

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