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  • Mary Kim


Your thoughts?

As 'The SMA Incident', referring to NCT 127 winning Daesang, controversy grows, NCT Dream fans took it upon themselves to let 'The Seoul Music Awards' know their protest by sending SM, as in their label, a protest truck... right.

Just to prove the lack of faith in the award show, NCT Dream fans rather than protest to the Award Show, rather sent the protest truck to their own label. That is because it is an understood known fact that allegedly 'Seoul Music Awards' is a sham and is influenced heavily by SM and has been for a decade.

Well, netizens are saying they appreciate NCT Dream fans for their voice but are confused as to why they are upset. On a post uploaded to a Korean online community, a netizen posed the question as to why the fandom is doing so much. The post claims it should be 'BTS' and 'IU' fans who should be most upset as they were clear favorites to win the Daesang and NCT Dream were only in the running for a Standard Prize. Netizens wrote:

Why are THEY (NCT Dream Fandom) so upset about the Daesang? lol
What do you mean just give us (NCT Dream) a Standard Prize, lol they've been acting up ever since the Daesang acting like they were robbed of it
They would have support if they were claiming they deserved the Standard Prize
IU and BTS fans aren't even this crazy
They are terrorizing NCT 127 members on Bubble because they weren't even on the list for Daesang
But if you are going to send it, shouldn't you send it Seoul Music Awards?? Why send it to SM?
Fact: NCT Dream was robbed of the Album Awards as well
Do they think NCT Dream will like what they are doing? Aren't they even embarrassed? If they are going to complain they should do it to the Award show, not SM
Wait but didn't BTS get robbed for the Album Awards as well? They should just talk about the Standard Prize
So embarrassing
Even if NCT Dream won the Standard Prize they would still be like that

What are your thoughts about 'The SMA Incident'?


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