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  • Mary Kim


Is SM the most powerful label in Korea?

With the Seoul Music Awards facing backlash due to NCT 127 winning the Daesang, or the Grand Prize, netizens are going to online communities to voice their frustration.

One such netizen uploaded a post sarcastically titled, "SM was the best label after all"

in the post, the netizen points out SM artists win even though the consensus is that there were other artists that didn't win that were more deserving. The post is implying that SM Entertainment uses their influence or because of their influence music awards are more likely to award their artists.

The cheeky post with over 95 thousand views writes:

"Win Melon Music Award Daesang despite placing 90th in chart, win Golden Disk Daesang despite placing 43rd on charts, Seoul Music Award will make you a category just so you can win it, Even if you are in the latter half of charts Seoul Music Awards SM will help you win. Even though Lim Young Woong attended it's incredible they gave it to SM, seems like they gave it to BTS in the past because it was impossible not to, T-ARA's hit number one track 'Roly-Poly' lost to SM, They didn't give a significant award to Blackpink last year although the girls sold 1.7 million copies of their album, YG must be a horrible label compared to SM, if you want to be a singer you need to go to SM: The best label of them all."

Netizens seem to agree with the sentiment writing:

LOL I still can't believe 2011 Golden Disk Awards, they wanted to split the Daesang between Super Junior and SNSD, so they looked over 'Roly-Poly' and kicked out IU from the nominations list
Seoul Music Awards is really SM Awards, everyone knows that, avoid the Seoul Music Awards
How do you think EXO won all those Daesangs lol
They are the ones blocking NCT Dream
NCT Dream must no longer be in SM
Only if you are an artist that SM backs, look at NCT Dream they didn't win anything, what is that? lol


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