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  • Cole Yoon


On April 22, the label of rookie girl group HOT ISSUE, S2 Entertainment, provided some bad news to the group's followers.

The label, which stated,

"Please accept our greetings from S2 Entertainment.  First and foremost, we would like to express our regret for informing HOT ISSUE fans of this unexpected development so soon after their support and affection for the band.  Following a protracted conversation with our artists, the firm and the team's members have come to the decision to dismantle the group as a whole. The firm worked tirelessly with the artists for a long time to move the project in the direction and growth we desired, but the above-mentioned conclusion was unavoidable.  To the fans who have supported and cared about HOT ISSUE up to this point, the firm would like to offer its regrets and appreciation. Please keep an eye out for the HOT ISSUE members' future actions from this point forward. Thank you very much." 

Meanwhile, HOT ISSUE made their K-Pop debut on April 28, 2021, with the release of their first mini album, 'Issue Maker,' which included the title track "GRATATA," and their first single, "Issue Maker." HOT ISSUE's one-year anniversary of its debut was set to take place on April 28th, as anticipated by fans.

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