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  • Cole Yoon

YG Is Launching 'Baby Monster', We Know: Here Is Why K-Blinks Are Pissed

"We get it, 'Baby Monsters' going to be sooo huge"

YG foods CEO 'Nho Hee Young' recently was on a broadcast speaking about the outlook of YGE. On the program, the business executive known for launching companies: CGV, Twosome Place, Bibigo, and Olive Young said, "Baby Monster will be crazy, they are like 10 Jennies'.

Netizens are saying,

"Jennie is not the only reason Blackpink made it big"

"Comparing them to Jennie is a bit early, no?"

"We get 'Baby Monster' is great but don't compare them to Jennie"

The executive has been criticized in the past for embezzlement allegations and for past statements she made on previous appearances on broadcasts.


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