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  • Cole Yoon


Both are extremes.

YG and SM are two industry titans with polar opposite branding, marketing, and music. YG is known for music heavily influenced by the west. Their music identity is helmed by KPOP's greatest producer of all time, TEDDY, a New York native with deep roots in hip hop. SM on the other hand stays true to their KPOP origins, as the label that birthed KPOP, the SM's lineage is bonafide.

The differences don't end there. As YG is known for their fickle and exclusive comeback schedules, leaving fans feeling ignored and left in the dark, while SM's comeback schedule is oversaturated with artists new and old all returning in a calendar year.

Recently, one SM entertainment fan complained in an online community that the agency is attempting to reintroduce two groups almost simultaneously. The fan lamented, "SM is unconcerned, Red Velvet's comeback is scheduled for the 21st, but NCT's is scheduled for the 28th. They could have given them two weeks, but it's too much for the comebacks to be separated by only one week."

However, YG Entertainment fans believe otherwise. They joined the online community in order to express their envy. These internet users stated, "As a fan of YG, I'm envious. SM's schedule is jam-packed with artist comebacks. However, we have no idea when YG artists will return. Now that TREASURE has returned, we must wait months for the return of other artists." "I'm a YG fan, and to be honest, I'm jealous because I have no idea when the members will return." as well as "At the very least, SM artists make periodic comebacks; you guys are fortunate. YG fans are unsure when their favorite group will return. lol."


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