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  • Haein Kim

#WWYD Fiance Insists on Her Father To Live With Us

That's going to be a pass for me dawg

A poster on a Korean online community is making waves for his post. On an online community OP writes, " I am engaged to my girlfriend of 6 years, we decided to skip a wedding and just sign our marriage certificates. The week before we were to move into our new home, my fiancé told me her father would live with us. This shocked me as she never even discussed anything remotely to this before. She says he's old but can take care of himself and that she can't let him live by himself because she worries for her. The house was a wedding present from my parents and she just brought expensive furniture. I don't want to live with her father, what do I do?"

Netizens are split with some saying if you truly love her you would accept her father as your own and others saying that her just springing this news to you shows how little she respects you and you should leave. What would you do?


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