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  • Cole Yoon

Why Simon D Hated Music & Himself

I feel you Simon!

On the episode of TVN 'House Korea Live' which aired on the 31st of October (KST), Simon D explained why he fell into a slump and eventual departure as Co-CEO of AOMG the label first founded by Jay Park. In the episode he explained the constant comparisons with Jay Park was hard for him. As artists work in different ways and at different speeds, the fact that Jay Park who is famous for his work ethic, was the artist he was compared to made it difficult for him. Eventually he fell into a years long slump, even leaving the CEO position as he felt he was an 'imposter'. He explained he couldn't even look at himself in the mirror and thought he had come this far from dumb luck.

Fans know however the rapper is one of the greatest talents in Korea. He also previously opened up about feeling guilty for leaving E-sens 'behind' when the latter, once part of a duo with Simon D 'Supreme Team' and considered a GOAT in his own right, served time in prison for marijuana charges. Throughout multiple beefs with other rappers, Simon D has always held his own and in his own way stayed loyal to himself. Here is a track below just to remind you of the epic-ness that was 'Supreme Team' though.


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