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  • Cole Yoon

Why Lee Jung Jae Bringing Lover 'Lim Se Ryung' To LACMA GALA Is An Alpha Flex

She is way more than arm candy.

Koreans are loving the fact that Lee Jung Jae brought Lim Se Ryung, pictured above left, to the 2021 LACMA Gala event held in Los Angeles. The long term couple is well known and is a favorite in Korea, but international fans may not know her as well, so 'peep game'.

  1. Lim Se Ryung is an heiress of the 'Daesang Group', one of the largest conglomerates and one of the "Chaebols" in Korea.

  2. She is not only an heiress but is 'Vice Chairwoman' of the group which means she is a real boss.. maybe not in like a 'Meg the stallion' way but in like a responsible for the livelihoods of thousands of South Korean families, type of way.

  3. She was married to, now divorced from Lee Jae Myung, the patriarch of the 'SAMSUNG Group'... he was arrested in bribery charges but was released due to public demand saying only he can save Korea's economy during the pandemic... that's power.


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