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  • Cole Yoon

Why Kim Seon Ho Apologized Instead Of Telling The Truth

He woke up and chose love

Kim Seon Ho may make a comeback after all. With Dispatch's expose of Kim Seon Ho's ex girlfriend and the lies she alleged, public sentiment is highly favoring the actor at the moment. Matter of fact, dare I say, his image might even become better for going through this. This isn't to say he should be grateful for any of this publicity. To fall from those heights, in that short of time, to now be rising again- even the most seasoned public figures would be a little sick. But this does beg the question, why didn't he just tell us the truth to begin with and avoid all of this? The answer may make you fall in love with him even more.

It is reported when he was asked this that he replied, "I don't want to fight with the woman I once loved in front of the whole nation", and instead he apologized publicly, and took the blame and lost everything. Yes, this K-Drama actor might be a K-Drama character IRL and Korean netizens are swooning.

Korean netizens are quick to recognize and Korean media outlets reporting this change of events. Fans are already voicing their support for Kim to film the commercials, movies, and shows he was canceled for due to the issue. Whether he regains his place as one of Korea's brightest rising star, only time will tell.


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