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In Korean mythos, ancient Koreans believed your face type or sang (상), had to do with your destiny. Like reading palms in the west, in Korea, Gwan Sang (관상) or 'face reading' was regarded as a science, as depicted by the 2013 movie, 'The Face Reader' featuring Lee Jung Jae.

Of all the face types or (sangs), we today use them to categorize idols such as "puppy sangs" (Jisoo, Ahn Yujin, Kim Sejeong, Han Ga In), "fox sangs" (Son Dambi, Heize, Jiyeon), and "cat sangs" (NO:ZE, Yeji, Jennie). There are many more, rabbit sangs, bear sangs, even Squirtle sangs!

While all these types are all modern types of beauty, there is a traditional Mi-in-sang, literally meaning Beautiful Sang. To be this type a person must check the boxes below.

삼백(三白) : 살결, 이, 손은 희어야 하고 (complexion, teeth, and hand must be fair)

삼흑(三黑) : 눈동자, 눈썹, 머리카락은 (Iris, eyebrow, and hair must be black)

검어야 한다.

삼홍(三紅) : 입술, 손톱, 뺨은 붉고 (lips, fingernail, and cheeks must blush pink)

삼장(三長) : 키, 머리카락, 손가락은 (height, hair, and fingers must be long)

길어야 하고

삼광(三廣) : 가슴, 이마, 미간은 넓어야 한다 (Forehead and space between eyes must be wide)

Korean stars belonging to this type include Kim Tae Hee, So Yi Yeon, Suzy Bae, Irene, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Yoo Jung, and NMIXX's Jiwoo.

As the focus has fallen on SULLYOON since NMIXX's debut, netizens are saying that it is Jiwoo who might be the most beautiful in a few years.

"She'll be legendary when she loses her baby fat"

"She sings well, she's pretty, and confident"

"She's so pretty, she's a perfect 'Mi-In-Sang', and her baby fat is so cute"

"She is already so pretty, she's a 'Mi-in-sang', so she'll be legendary when she gets older"


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