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Keep, keeping on

'We Are All Dead' Im Jae Hyuk revealed that he continues to work various part-time jobs despite the drama's enormous popularity.

Im Jae Hyuk, who played Yang Dae Soo in the Netflix original series 'All of Us Are Dead,' appeared as a special guest on the latest episode of tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block,' which aired on March 16th.

Im Jae Hyuk discussed his rise to fame on this day, stating that his Instagram followers have increased to 680,000 since the filming of 'All of Us Are Dead.' He attracted attention, however, by revealing that he was still working part-time jobs.

"I was even working as a designated driver four days ago," Im Jae Hyuk explained.

Despite the worldwide success of 'All of Us Are Dead,' Im Jae Hyuk continued to work part-time jobs. As a result, Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho inquired whether it would be acceptable for Im Jae Hyuk to take a break from his part-time jobs, given the show's enormous popularity.

Im "Apart from the fact that the drama is doing well," Jae Hyuk responded, "nothing has changed in my bank account." "I spend between 900,000 and 1 million KRW (742.48 and 824.98 USD) on rent and living expenses each month, so I'm only working to earn that much," he explained. Monthly rent is approximately 400,000 KRW (330 USD), which means that I only need to work five part-time courier jobs and can work for a week or two to earn 600,000 KRW (495 USD) per month to cover living expenses."

Im Jae Hyuk also revealed that his mother discovered his numerous part-time jobs after reading a news article. "The night the article was published, my mother called and sobbed," the actor explained. I was enraged."

He continued, "I joined the military because I desired to live independently of my parents for a time." My parents advised me to inform them if I encountered difficulties, but I informed them that I had money. I didn't want to complicate matters for my parents."


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