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  • Cole Yoon

Wanna One Facing Difficulties Reuniting The Group

Give the fans what they want!

Wanna One at their peak, was second only to BTS in popularity in Korea. With massive sales and arena concerts, you would think that reuniting the group would only make sense. Especially with the comparatively lack of promotions for individual members now that the group has split. However it seems certain labels don't agree.

It is no secret that CJENM is actively trying to reunite the group for full album and concert promotions however it is reported labels still think they can make more money by sticking their artists in a new boy group and debut them.

Pledis for onem has been very vocal about their artist Minhyun only promoting for the one reunion performance at MAMA.

The group, all members but Lai Kuan Lin, will be performing at MAMA 2021.


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