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  • Cole Yoon



Group TREASURE was honored with the a Daesang prize at the Japan Golden Disc Awards.

Treasure was named in the 'Best 3 new artists' category among the winners of the 36th Japan Golden Disc Awards announced on the 14th.

Treasure said, "Thank you for the wonderful award. I was moved by the love that fans sent me," and "I will repay you with better music and performances."

Organized by the Recording Association of Japan and proud of local authority, this awards ceremony selects artists and works that have contributed to the development of the record industry every year.

Although Treasure was unable to carry out any major Japanese activities, it showed its presence by receiving a lot of love from global fans with only music and music videos.

Treasure was particularly prominent in Japan first. Starting with their debut song 'BOY', 'I LOVE YOU', 'MMM', and 'MY TREASURE' all topped the local major music charts before the Japanese album was released.

Among them, 'BOY' and 'MY TREASURE' topped the Line Music Weekly Chart for two weeks in a row, and the Japanese animation theme song 'BEAUTIFUL', sung by Treasure, was exceptionally popular and showed a terrifying growth.

Since then, Treasure first occupied the Oricon weekly charts with the Japanese full-length album 'THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT'. Then, the first mini-album 'THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE', recently released in Korea, once again reached the top of the Oricon weekly chart, proving its hot local popularity.

The title track of this album, 'JIKJIN', not only took the No. 1 spot on major music sites such as Line Music, Apple Music, iTunes, AWA, Rakuten Music, and mu-mo in Japan, but also succeeded in entering the US Billboard Global 200 chart.


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