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  • Haein Kim

#TOXIC Culture At Leading Dairy Company, NamYang Exposed

Discrimination is rampant at this company

On October 20, an explosive report first reported on SBS is causing and uproar towards leading dairy company Namyang Dairy. The report exposes explicit differential treatment between men and women employees. The most problematic of these examples were the performance reviews between men and women. The reports for men mainly focused on the what the employee accomplished and his contribution to the company whereas for female employees performance were based on whether she lived 'a virtuous private life' and if she spoke in a 'humble and modest tone'.

Anonymous interviews with current and past employees show that women employees are reviewed on whether or not she has many men in her lives, if men call her on the phone, if she smells of alcohol or her if she uses strong perfume.

This is disgusting! Do better Namyang!

Oh btw this is the company that the family of Hwang ha na, the crackhead heiress, owns.


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