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  • Karina Lee


The ensemble (G)I-DLE is reuniting as a five-piece.

Cube Entertainment, stated in a phone call with Top Star News on the 17th, "We are preparing for a March comeback."

Earlier in the day, News 1 announced exclusively that (G)I-DLE would reunite after a year and two months apart owing to the departure of former member Sujin.

In January of last year, (G)I-DLE released their fourth mini album, 'I burn.' Although they earned widespread praise for their promotional efforts with the title song 'Fire Flower,' controversy erupted over former member Sujin's school violence.

Sujin, a former member, became mired in controversy last February after an essay was published on an online forum alleging school violence during her high school years. When the initial post was made, the agency disputed it and stated that it would pursue legal action, while Sujin likewise refuted the controversy surrounding the school violence in a lengthy post.

However, other disclosures continued following the first exposure, and the scandal intensified when actress Seo Shin-ae released a lengthy post on her personal Instagram revealing that she was another victim of Su-school jin's abuse. Sujin, who remained mute following Shin-ae Seo's allegations, quit the squad in August, six months after the school violence controversy erupted.

Meanwhile, members of (G)I-DLE are active in a variety of sectors.


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