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  • Cole Yoon

The Top 3 Female Idols With The Strongest Brand Power Are...

Drumroll please...

3. Jennie 'Blackpink'

Jennie DA GODDESS came in 3rd with an overall score 3.3 Mil, fellow Blackpink members Jisoo cmae in 5th Lisa in 8th and Rose in 11th.

2. Karina 'AESPA'

Queen Karina came in 2nd with a fierce 3.4 Mil. Aespa members Gisel and NingNing came in 4th and 6th, with Winter coming in...

1. Winter 'Aespa'

The ethereal Winter came in 1st with a whopping brand score of 3.8 mil! That's a whole lot of brand power!

The ratings are done by Korea's Consumer Bureau, and composes a rating based on social media discussions, community engagement and active promotions.


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