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  • Juice Shin


This is crazy.

There is a reason why JTBC isn't able to give up on Snowdrop.

On December 21, a post saying 'The reason why I don't think JTBC can cancel Snowdrop' was uploaded.The poster claims, "The fact that 'Snowdrop' isn't able to be viewed on any other platform in the world other than Disney+, shows you that Disney+ must have paid JTBC a lot of money".

Also the netizen divulged, "Also, the drama received a $100 Million Dollar investment from Chinese company Tencent."

The netizen alleges that's not all, "but the real reason they can't cancel the drama is because of JTBC's upcoming drama 'Until The Sun Comes Up'." The poster explains, "The upcoming drama features actors 'Han Suk Gyu, Jung Yumi, Lee Hee Joon, Kim Joon Han, Yum Hae Ran, Joo Suk Tae." The netizen explained that much of filming for the drama has already been completed.

The netizen further states "That drama is based on Chinese Author Zijin Chen's work, 'The Long Night'. Problem is Chen previously insulted the Hong Kong democratic protesters, calling them lazy bums and threatened outing colleagues who supported the movement. If 'Snowdrop' is canceled, then there will be precedent to also cancel 'Until The Sun Comes Up'. That is why they can't give up on 'Snowdrop'."

The netizen said, "Until The Sun Comes Up" has currently filmed 8 episodes.


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