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  • Mary Kim



The Boyz will be holding those spreading libel, accountable.

On the 26th, IST Entertainment announced through The Boyz's official fan cafe, "In February of last year, we announced that we would take legal action against the creation and dissemination of false facts related to The Boyz." We are collecting evidence and reviewing data through legal representatives from time to time,” he said.

He continued, “Despite the fact that we have been advised to take legal action, our artists are experiencing mental pain and psychological anxiety due to the continuous creation and distribution of unfounded false facts online, personal aggression, and malicious posts. We are conducting regular data collection and review for legal action.”

The agency said, “We would like to inform you once again that we will strengthen the artist protection system to take strong measures and take more active measures against indiscriminately posting malicious comments and creating and spreading rumors. “Even after the notice regarding invasion of privacy announced on June 22 of last year, friction with the staff continues in personal privacy spaces (headquarters, lodgings, shops, etc.) Damage continues to occur. Acts of refusing to comply with restraints, blocking filming and blocking roads, and blocking the passage of the building are continuously reported by delivering CCTV footage of the building to the local police station.”


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