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  • Mary Kim


Get well soon.

On March 14, JYP has reported that Sullyoon has tested positive for COVID. The label has sent out the statement below.

Hello, This Is JYP Entertainment

On the morning of the 14th (Monday), NMIIX member

Sullyoon was confirmed to have covid-19

On the evening of the 13th (Sunday), Sullyoon showed

symptoms of sore throat, so all members except bae and

Kyujin performed a self-diagnosis kit test and Sullyoon

tested positive, Therefore, on the morning of the 14th

(Monday), all members except Bae and Kyujin visited the

hospital and performed a rapid antigen test and Sullyoon

was finally positive

Sullyoon has completed the second vaccination and has

no symptoms other than a low fever and sore throat, and is

in self-isolation and treatment in accordance with the

guidelines of the quarantine authorities

With the artist health as our top priority, we will do our

best to cancel all scheduled events and focus on her recovery.


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