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  • Karina Lee


What are your thoughts?

Soyeon of (G)I-DLE was embroiled in a controversy earlier today after a portion of the finale song "SUN" from the MBC audition program 'My Teenage Girl' sounded suspiciously similar to ATEEZ's 2019 single "WAVE."

The controversy began on February 28 KST, when KQ Entertainment issued a statement addressing the similarities. Soon afterwards, CUBE Entertainment issued an apology, stating that they had contacted and apologized to the original composer. Additionally, they requested that the composer's name be added to the credits. 

The member of (G)I-DLE apologized personally for causing confusion. She stated, "As a creator, I apologize for the ensuing controversy. I recognized the partial melody similarity to 'SUN,' the finale song from 'My Teenage Girl,' only after the fact."

"With regard to the similarities raised following the broadcast's conclusion, I felt it was appropriate to apologize for even a passing similarity, so I informed the song's original composer of the situation and apologized."

Additionally, Soyeon apologized to fans, saying, "We would like to express our sincere apologies to the composer, artist, and fans for this most recent incident, which caused confusion. In the future, we will pay greater attention. My apologies."


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