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  • Haein Kim

#SOCIETY Can You Get Married In Korea?

Here are what Korean look for in a life partner

DUO, Korea's largest matchmaking company released a survey that shows only 33% of Koreans are planning on getting married. This shows a large decrease in societal pressure to get married. One of the reason Koreans are disillusioned with marriage is because of the high standards they have for one another. Here is a list of what Koreans expect in a partner:

Males prefer their bride to be 163.4cm (5'4) and earn a salary of est $40,000 after taxes. Also they would like the female to have close to $200K in assets and be 2-3 years younger. They want their bride to have graduated from college and works either for a government or one the larger companies in Korea. Men say they value personality first, shared values second, and looks third.

Korean women want their men to be 5'10 earn $57,000 after taxes and have a net worth of $280K. They would like them to be older by 1-2 years and graduated from a 4 year college and work for the government or one of the larger companies in Korea. Women value personality first, values second and men's net worth third.

So, will you meet him at alter in your white dress, or nah?


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