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  • Cole Yoon


"If you're going to let her go, why even judge?"

On 'MBC My Teenage Girl', judge and Girls Generation member Yuri is face backlash.

On the episode which aired on the 12th, Yuri sent contestant 'Lee Seung Eun' home by disqualifying her.

이승은은 앞선 방송에서 춤과 보컬이 모두 출중한 실력자로 인정받았다. 반면 이승은을 누르고 합격한 이지원은 춤과 보컬이 모두 약하다는 평가를 받았다. 심사위원 영지는 "솔직히 지원이 노래 실력은 하(下)"라는 평가를 내리기도 했다.

Lee Seung Eun is a contestant who proved her skills to be elite on the show. However the contestant who defeater her, Lee Ji Won, both lacks in dance and vocal skills. Even the coaches themselves admitted her vocals were below average.

All other contestants were surprised as well. One saying, "Seung eun is perfect, the fact that they had to even debate between the two is kinda wrong" "It doesn't make sense, this is wrong" said another contestant.

With the backlash growing, most of it is targeting Yuri. In the comments many viewers wrote, "What are you doing?" "You should choose them by skills", "It doesn't make any sense, this isn't fair". "I am getting so angry. The fact she said she disqualified her because she doesn't 'catch her eyes' is total BS". Others pointed out the fact that Yuri shouldn't be a judge at all saying, "It's not like she was a talented member of SNSD", and "But what is Yuri good at?"

What do you think, are the fans justified?


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