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  • Juice Shin


"Is this Hogwarts, or Korea in the 80's?"

Add props and sets to the long list of grievances.

Although the actors themselves have raged on about how great their props and costume teams are for the production, viewers are feeling a different type of way.

The backdrop of 'Snowdrop' takes place in 1987 at 'Lake University', a college made up for the show. The fake university takes its inspiration from the very real and very prestigious 'Lee Hwa Women's College' which is one of the best universities in the country. Also for what it's worth, the writer of the drama attended the university.

Issue has risen however that 'Lake University' and also the props and costumes used in the drama looks starkly different from Korea in 1987. A comment going viral in Korea this morning writes, "What is this, Hogwarts?"

These are real pictures of Lee Hwa Women's College in 1987 during the democratic protest.

Many lives were lost and forever changed in these demonstrations.

These pictures are in stark contrast with the pictures below from drama 'Snowdrop',

Netizens are comparing 'Snowdrop' with 'Reply 1988' which portrayed a much more accurate portrait of Korea at the time.

This is just another issue the drama faces. JTBC announced they will be airing episodes 3-5 this week to clear up misconceptions of the drama and clear 'misunderstandings'.


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