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  • Karina Lee


Not all that glitters is gold.

'Slave girl group' former "Baby Boo" member Da Yul tells all.

On the 18th, on a Youtube channel, Da Yul who shocked the nation when in 2019 MBC's 'True Story Expedition' reported the horrendous conditions the ladies of 'Baby Boo' had to suffer, told her story.

The group is said to have performed over 500 times at various events but they never were paid and were treated atrociously.

Dayul recalled her time, saying, "I hate the term Slave Group but there is no other way to express our state." Da-yul talked about the difficult time in detail. She said, "(The dormitory) felt like it was locked up.

Also, "I had to go to a schedule, but the water was cut so I went to the barbershop in front of my house and asked, 'Can I wash my hair?' “I was always packing my bags in case I might be kicked out,” she added.

She stated further, "When I went to a music show, I took the subway to the broadcast and then rode the subway back to my dorm." "When I appeared on the program 'The Unit', I was always alone. I was upset that I had to go and do everything myself,” she confessed.

In particular, Da Yul shed tears as she recalled the time she appeared on 'Idol Olympics'. She said, "We weren't a famous team, and we weren't close with other groups. While waiting, other groups were taken care of by staff or their members, but I was alone, there was no one to take care of me. "There was no place for me because of my situation. So I was in the bathroom. I was eating a sandwich I got from a PPL and thought I was going to throw it up. That was the saddest time." She added, "I felt it then, without someone at the company who takes care of me like this, I have no choice but to live like this wherever I go."


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