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  • Juice Shin



On the morning of the 16th, SNSD member and actress Seohyun's agency, Namoo Actors, posted pictures on their official Instagram along with the caption, "A shining pearl in the night sky~ We decided to call Seohyun a 'jewel'."

In the photo released this time, Seohyun is wearing various jewelry and posing.

Above all, Seohyun attracted the attention of viewers with her visual that crosses elegance and chic.

Meanwhile, Seohyun has confirmed her appearance in the Netflix series 'The Thief: The Sound of the Sword'. 'The Thief: The Sound of the Sword' is an action drama in which those who headed to Gando, a land of lawlessness with different stories during the turbulent Japanese occupation, unite as one to protect the home of Koreans. Seohyun takes on the role of 'Nam Hee-shin', the director of the railway bureau of the Government-General of the Joseon Dynasty, who hides his true identity in the play.


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