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Actress Seo Ye-Ji's label 'Gold Medalist' revealed that she had already apologized for the parking dispute with her neighbor.

The agency states that "She has already made a sincere apology to her neighbor."

A, who said she lives in the same villa as Seo Ye-Ji's parents, claimed through an online community in May of last year that she and Seo's family had a parking dispute that got physical.

Mr. A claimed that her father, Seo Ye-Ji, pushed him. He also said that Seo Ye-Ji, who visited her parents' house three times a week, parked her car anywhere and had been in conflict with the neighbors for four years.

An official said, "This incident happened last year and has already been resolved with a sincere apology.

She continued, "She has already offered a sincere apology to the person concerned and has since moved,"

Seo Ye-ji was accused of gaslighting her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun last year and was abusive to drama and movie staff members. She also had allegations of bullying her at school and falsifying her academic credentials. She will start her activities with tvN's new drama 'Eve', which will be aired this year.

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