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  • Cole Yoon

#RUMORS 'Man of The Moment', Actor K, May Have Ruined His Career Already

Gaslighting's new poster boy

An 'Actor K' is facing allegations from his ex girlfriend that he gaslighted her and was just an overall

D-bag. A member of a Korean online community posted that she had dated 'Actor K' before he became famous and since his rising popularity due to a recent drama, he has left her and destroyed all evidence of them ever dating. More concerning however were allegations that she was pregnant with his child, he would try to convince her to get an abortion, threatening he would be sued for est $800,000 by advertisers for breach of contract. This she found out was false. Also she claims 'Actor K' is very different from his warm and nice persona on the television drama and is in real life cold and often talks ill of staff, directors, and his co-stars. Everybody pretty much knows who this 'Actor K' is by the clues, do you? Name starts with a K, drama that ended very very recently, got super popular this year, hmm we can only think of one!


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