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Queendom, season 2 of Mnet's drama, has released an official poster featuring the entire cast, before the show's premiere on March 31.

In anticipation of the highly anticipated premiere of 'Queendom 2' each of the competing teams, which include VIVIZ, Brave Girls, Hyolyn, Cosmic Girls, LOONA, and Kep1er, shared their thoughts on what makes them stand out from the rest of the field.

First and foremost, Brave Girls cited their approachable and down-to-earth image as a distinguishing characteristic, adding, " "We are a team with many different characteristics, but we have not yet demonstrated everything that we have to offer. We will do everything we can to show different sides."

Following that, VIVIZ identified their teamwork, which has been developed over a period of more than ten years as members of the very popular group GFRIEND, as their strong point. "We will bring do our best so that we don't have any regrets," the group stated.

Often, embattled group, WJSN stated their team's overall performance, vocals, and rap help the group bring fans a wider spectrum of concepts and stages they are able to show.

LOOΠΔ, which is preparing for ‘Queendom 2’ as making their debut all over again, said, “We've always been confident in our abilities. Our strengths are our member's versatility and our many charms such as our vocals and talents.

Kepler, dubbed this year's ‘monster rookie’ by some said, “The powerful and bright energy of our 9 members and their various charms is our group’s strength. Please look forward to it.”

Hyorin, who showed a somewhat excited expectation that it will be a fun time and a good experience, said, “I am greedy to show various stages that are not limited to genres. I am sure that I will be able to show you on stage,” she said.

'Queendom 2' is a survival program in which the six K-pop groups release singles at one time and enter a comeback competition. Ever since the series' inception, Queendom has become a national sensation. It is well-regarded for its large-scale performances, which is considered some of the best in history, collaborations between artists, and the release of music that captured the global public.


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