• Cole Yoon

Prominent SK Politician Demand 'BTS' Be Exempt From Military Duties Citing Soccer Star Son Heung Min

If Sonaldo is exempt, why shouldn't they?

Ahn Chul Soo, a prominent South Korean politician and once Presidential candidate demanded today, that the Kpop group be given treatment equal to Premiere League star, Son Heung Min. Son had won his freedom by winning gold in the 'Asian Games' in 2020.

All South Korean men have to serve in the military, however athletes are able to win exemption by bringing 'good will' to the country usually by winning gold in the Olympics or other larger international competition such as the 'World Cup'. Regarding this, the politician today via his SNS wrote: "It is only appropriate given the times that musicians and artists are also given the opportunity of exemption as the country give to athletes. To forsake them this would be outdated and not with the times".

It is hard to imagine that BTS is forced to serve their military duties given how much they have done for Korea. It is estimated that BTS alone, not Kpop as a whole, but the 2021 Artists of the Year alone brings in a whopping 5 Billion dollars to South Korea. That is 5 Billion! It is incredulous to think THAT alone shouldn't be reason enough to give the boys an exemption.