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  • Karina Lee



NMIXX shared a cute video of themselves reacting to the group's debut single "O.O." on March 6. Throughout the video, NMIXX endearingly hype up one another and react in awe at the CGI and special effects.

Following a viewing of the music video as a group, the idols take turns sharing their personal highlights. Jiwoo selects the donut shop scene, while Sullyoon focuses on the moment when the members exit the donut shop and flowers begin to bloom in the street. Bae chooses the moment in the second verse when the music abruptly changes, remarking, "Whenever I see that scene change, I get goosebumps."

Haewon admits that she nearly cried the first time she began watching the music video, and Jinni concurs, adding, "Because it's the first one of our entire lives."

Take a look at the video above for yourself.


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