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  • Cole Yoon


Rare company.

On March 1, NMIXX, a new girl group under JYP Entertainment, successfully announced their entry into the K-pop industry with a press showcase. The girls of NMIXX debuted their first single album, 'AD MARE,' on this day, and showcased performances of various tracks from the album.

One member, in particular, has garnered attention due to netizens remarking on her resemblance to Suzy. Numerous netizens have gathered in a popular online community to discuss each member of NMIXX.

Numerous netizens claim that BAE's voice and manner of speaking are strikingly similar to Suzy's, and that she even looks like her in certain angles. "I believe her manner of speaking is similar to Suzy's, perhaps a little bit of her voice," one netizen observed. "She does have a Suzy-like voice," "I was curious about Suzy's voice, but after hearing BAE, I now know," "Her initial greeting immediately brought to mind Suzy lols," "Her face also bears a strong resemblance to Suzy's," "Wow, she sounds exactly like Suzy," "I believe she sounds like a cross between Suzy and Wendy," "Her manner of speaking is similar to Suzy's." "She's so adorable," "If you close your eyes and listen closely, she sounds exactly like Suzy," and "She also looks a little bit like Suzy with short hair lol."

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