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  • Cole Yoon


Who's the leader of your group?

The importance of a good leader is often underestimated in Kpop, but true fans know that a greaet leader can make or break a group in an industry as highly competitive as Kpop. Netizens on January 10, spoke about the importance of the leaders in groups all the while bragging about their leaders.

In a post on Korea's largest online community, a netizen wrote a post titled:

"I am jealous of group's with a good leader"

"Leaders are usually the most important members in a group. Group's that do well usually have a great leader and help with communicating with fans. My favorite group's leader isn't like that, he usually is the least communicative with fans and isn't very skilled compared to the other members. He is too shy to bring the spotlight to the group and the group usually has to put the spotlight on him. Other group leaders do their best for the group so I want to change the leader of my favorite group.. Does your group leaders do well, are they good leaders?"

To this the netizen with the most likes flexed on OP by writing,

"Well, our leader is RM"

Following comments were:

"RM is our leader so I'm happy"

"Leaders aren't to be chosen lightly. If your group is taking care of your leader doesn't that mean he must be a good leader away from the camera? The leader doesn't have to be an extrovert.. My leader is an introvert but the members and the fans love him, he/she's also a rapper so he/she doesn't have many parts either"

"BTS' RM, Twice's Jihyo, and G-idle's Jeon So Yeon, comes to mind when I think of good leaders."

"Our group would've probably dissolved without our leader, he/she is that important."

"Hey where is Seo Eunkwang? I think he is the epitome of a good leader"

"The best leaders know when fans are hurt or sad and cheer them up while also encouraging their members. Our leader said he was most touched when he heard one of his members told another group that they had a good leader. It almost made me cry."

International fans, who are your favorite leaders? Are you happy with yours?


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