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Schedule Schmedule.

YG today January 17, released a statement saying due to scheduling conflicts, the singer now turned actress will be sitting out of the long awaited A PINK promotions, the group's first in close to two years.

Netizens however aren't convinced, saying it is not surprising that YG would prevent the idol from joining the promotions.

Commenters on popular Kpop site ALLKPOP.COM wrote

rlqtadri1,231 pts 4 hours ago She's in the MV, in the song(s), and the photoshoots for the album. Yeah it sucks that she won't be performing on stage with the rest of the girls but I think 3 things out of 4 is pretty good? I feel like the negative reaction would be reasonable if she didn't participate in nothing but...that's not the case so... hm Reply Report Share hyuked135 pts 4 hours ago only delusional people thinks a group with members signed with different agencies will work well... Reply Report Share Gini6 pts 3 hours ago Brown eyed girls has been doing it for a while, 2AM and 2PM both did it last year. Yeah the comebacks haven’t been the most consistent but it is possible Reply Report Share tqeil3,694 pts 4 hours ago but it can work well? 2pm showed that just last year. it just takes better planning and management Reply Report Share hotmamajama672 pts 5 hours ago Didn't people predict this was going to happen once she left lol Reply Report Share dmaynel123174 pts 2 hours ago It's rather obvious that Naeun hasn't been keen on/ comfortable with the idol life for a while now, preferring to be an actor. She probably is still staying as part of APink out of affection and loyalty to her members as well as Pandas. What with her still appearing in the song, the album, and in Pink Eve, I can appreciate that. She's still APink, just not necessarily an idol per se. Reply Report Share peppercorn1,771 pts 3 hours ago It can work... members in different agencies, but there has to be a lot of give and take along with sacrifices. Not this time, but maybe next time? Reply Report Share JVLIXN1,753 pts 4 hours ago Can’t wait to see what she is so busy doing that she can’t participate 🤔 Reply Report Share Banabas159 pts 4 hours ago new face, new face Reply Report Share

Son Naeun threw a wrench in the hearts of Pandas everywhere when it was reported that the singer would be sitting out of group promotions for APINK. Naeun is the only member in the group signed to YG and has been focusing on acting.


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