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Today January 26, we reported there were rumors that FREEZIA'S father is not a dentist but rather that he is the owner of a famous room salon in Busan. Room Salons are Karaoke bars where women host men which usually leads to prostitution.

Korean netizens reacted to the news writing,

Wow you guys are really crossing the line
Wow a really big Room Salon? Really?
You guys are crossing a line
But the fact that it is so precise I feel there is fact to the rumors
Kim Yong Ho claimed to know that and that there is other information that he just ignored til now. The fact that she waited till she got paid by Youtube on the 24th to make her videos private, rather than deleting them, tells me all I need to know.
What is this

On a live stream, a fan asked FREEZIA, "Isn't your father a dentist?, she responded by saying, "How did you know my dad's job?" lol I thought she never acknowledged he was a dentist...guys...
But it is chilling that she tried to lie about the school her brother attends, the whole family are liars
The rumors are super detailed tho,,,
Remember Kim Yong Ho was wrong about Han Ye Seul's rumors before too
But if her dad isn't she can just say it to make the rumors go away. Also she never answered correctly whether or not if she was born as a 'gold spoon' or not.


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