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  • Karina Lee



On Mnet's 'Queendom 2,' female idol groups compete against one another in a series of intense performance stages to determine who is Queen, once and for all.

With the premiere of 'Queendom 2 drawing nearer, Mnet spiked anticipation by presenting the competing teams' "Opening Show" performances.

Watch 'LOONA's "Opening Show" above and read reactions below

"Hair tied in a bun, in Nike sneakers, white blouse, perfect choreo... plus they use their song as an "Opening Show" track... this all shows just how confident they are... What... to do... with these talented girls..." "With the number of members, they can use them to show so many sides to them... looking forward to LOONA" "Really looking forward to this group, I think they will have an advantage due to the number of members they have... They have a lot of talented members and their image is consistent" "I see a lot of LOONA's performances and I can say they are going to do really well" "LOONA is great, I am looking forward to all of their performances" "All the members are in sync and rather than have one member stand out, all the girls are shining together like moonlight... They are so pretty like a Moon in between clouds in the night sky" "Perfectly showed what their image is on this stage, everything was so perfect, let's go!" "The fact that they chose a B-Side track and not their title to perform just shows how confident they are... hwaiting!" "Are they crazy? They are so good... The fact they used this track that only fans will know is just crazy!..." "I hope LOONA becomes one of the most well-known groups in Korea and the world"


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