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  • Mary Kim


Don't let the salt hit you on your way out

Apple TV+

It seems Apple TV's drama Pachinko has a shelf life even shorter than its 8 episodes.

Plagued by the bewildering disrespect shown to Koreans by its Korean American cast and staff, the drama is now widely shunned by the Korean public. With actor Jinha being labeled as a 'Sang Nom' and 'Motherless'.

놈 상도놈이다에 만원 건다. "I bet 10 dollars this guy is a 'Sang Nom', 'Motherless' 너거 집구석 족보 한 번 파헤쳐봐라. 미국으로 도망 친 사연이 있을거다. "You've disgraced your family's lineage, I'm sure there is a reason your family ran away to Ameria" 이시키나 더불어강간당의 박지현이나 사과가 먼지 몰라 . 그냥 욕하니까 일단 불부터 꺼보자 이 심보거든 . 안변해 . 박지현 봐봐 . SNS에 서해수호 용사들 관련 망언늘어놓고 비판하니까 바로 사과하는척 . 그리고 나서 바로 오늘 ' 내가 멀 잘못했는데 ? ' 이렇게 나온다니까 .. 버르장머리 고쳐놔야돼 "This guy doesn't know what an apology is. Just trying to put out the fire, he won't change. We need to team him a lesson."

Indifference shouldn't be anything new for Tumblr blogger Jinha, and woke Hollywood's choice for Asian voices—little-known director Justin Chon, who had earlier been criticized for asking legendary Korean actress and Golden Globe winner, Yoon Yuh Jung to audition.

To add insult to injury, actor Lee Min Ho, Yoon Yuh Jung, and actress Kim Min Ha surely are amazing, however, this project will go down as a blemish on their illustrious careers.


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