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  • Cole Yoon


See what they're saying at home.

With the news of Hyuna's engagement to her longtime partner of 6 years, Dawn, Korea's internet has been set ablaze. These are the freshest reaction to the news, hot out the oven!

Dawn is so lucky
Why am I so touched? These two seem like they are players but they have been faithful to each other for so long and are finally getting married ㅜㅜ Hope the two are happy!
That is so cool...
Aren't they the first idol couple to get married while still active?
I knew the two would get married
That's crazy... you have to be happy unnie!
There were a lot of rumors but I hope these two don't break up and live happily ever after
Even the ring seems so 'them', I bet even their kids are going to be hip and trendy

It seems everyone is in a congratulatory mood. Are you happy for the couple?

The two revealed their engagement today via Instagram.

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