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Wake me up when March ends...

With news that DSP is being bought out by RBW, some fans might have hoped that long-embattled girl group APRIL will be given a fair shot. However, alas that seems not to be in the 'KARDS' for the DSP group. (my bad)

Today via an official statement from the label, the girl group once so promising has disbanded.

"Hello, this is DSP Media.
We would like to notify you of April's disbandment.
After a lengthy discussion with each of the April members, the agency has come to the decision to disband the team so that the members may walk on their individual paths from now on.
We ask for you abundant support and attention toward the 6 members who will now embark on their own paths, not as members of April.
Furthermore, we would like to take this time to sincerely thank the fans who cheered on the girls of April for the past 6 years."

Netizens didn't hold back from commenting on the disbandment writing,

I feel so bad for Yoon Chae Kyung
Disbandment is right, they couldn't make a profit since that controversy. If you look back Lee Hyun Joo may not have been perfect but the bullying accusations were true.
They were fired during the M&A , RBW didn't want to invest in them
Lee Naeun is probably so pissed lol
Even without the bully accusations they were probably going to break up

How do you feel about the break up, do you think the writing was on the wall?


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