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  • Cole Yoon


The debate of all debates.

SNL Korea

On February 3, a question posed by a Korean netizen has the Korean internet buzzing.

On this day, the netizen wrote on a post in Korea's largest online community,

What would you do if your BF asks you to dress up as a maid? Would you do it? We are both 20 and have dated for about a year... He did buy me an airpod for my birthday... He must be joking right? Told him I'd do it if he wore it too and he said he's down...mmm

Netizens reactions were swift writing,

Both of you guys should wear it and play, "let's fall in love without our master's knowing"
If you're ok with it do it, but what does buying you airpods have anything to do with cosplay?? If you're going to do it just because of the airpods, don't do it
I might do it for him as a present but I would be turned off if he asked for it
Since your bf is willing to wear it too, you guys should both wear it lol
If you want to wear it then wear it

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