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Is your favorite listed below?

Male idol fans are debating in Korea over who the has the best voice.

Even with the literal hundreds of idols out, each idols are beloved by their fans for the uniqueness of their voice. This said however, there are the 'creme de la creme', or the best of the best. Below are the idols netizens are crazy over.

1 HaeChan

HaeChan's boyish charms don't stop at his looks. His voice also has a brightness that fans can't get enough of. The singer has incredible high tones, and his voice texture stands out from even the best vocals.

2 D.O.

D.O.'s voice is just so earnest, fans can't help but fall in love with it. The singer's husky voice shows a vulnerability that fans rarely get to see from idols. A perfect blend of lows and powerful high notes, the singer is perfect for ballads.

3 JungKook

The golden maknae was born with a honey pot for a throat. His sweet, sweet, vocals make this crooner an international favorite. With delicate highs and soft lows, and R&B tones, the singer's voice is an instant stand out.

The above three were fans' favorite, do you agree? Whether your bias is above or not, it is no secret Kpop has some of the best vocals in the world. Be sure to vote for your favorite vocalists in our HIHKEY CHARTS.


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