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Yuna & Sullyoon vs Wonyoung & Yujin, who you got?

It is rare for one label to boast two groups with visual aces from the same generation. Hence is JYPE's fortune as ITZY's Yuna and yet to debut NMIXX's Sullyoon are already regarded as two of the generation's top visuals.

Netizens could not help, therefore, to imagine a world where the two debuted together. What do you think would have happened? Would Kpop have been swallowed whole by their beauty?

Well Netizens weighed in writing:

It would have been crazy good personally ㅠㅠ Both are 'classic' beauties, Yuna has a cool skin aura and Sullyoon has a warm skin tone I wish they were friends ㅠㅠ
You're right lol even if Yuna debuted now she's only 20
I'm glad Yuna debuted with ITZY
They are only a year apart lol I just want to see them together
They are literally a month apart, I wish they were friends
Because the two are generational visuals and have a lot in common, Sullyoon might not be in NMIXX had Yuna debuted with them. I am glad Yuna debuted in ITZY as she fits the role of maknae perfectly.
If I'm not mistaken I think Sullyoon joined after ITZY debuted. It is true they are similarly beautiful but with Yuna alongside Lia and Ryujin, ITZY is a top visual group and I am glad Yuna is in ITZY
Because they are so similar they probably wouldn't be in the same group, I like how it is now.


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