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  • Cole Yoon

Netizens Are Sick And Tired of CJENM TvN Recycling NA PD's Show Premises

New cast, same show...

TvN Variety show producers and writers are facing heat from netizens who are saying they are sick and tired of the channel recycling variety show formats, especially formats that were made popular by NA PD. NA PD is considered the GOAT of Korean Variety Show with hits such as 1 Night 2 Days, New Journey to the West, Grandpas Over Flowers, Three Meals a Day, Youn's Kitchen, Youn's Stay and their spin-offs.

Recently, due to COVID restrictions many shows on the channel are using the format of '3 Meals A Day'. The format consists of a cast members going to the countryside and spending a day at a house where they cook themselves meals. This 'healing' format was made popular by Na PD of '3 Meals A Day'.

However as more and more different producers in the company started copying him netizens are voicing their complaints.

All of this was brought up in a 'Minutes' meeting with CJENM executives. CJENM Executive voiced his concern over shows such as 'Honeymoon Tavern' and 'We mean no harm', calling them a 'bootleg' version of Na PD's shows.

Netizens also voiced their concerns writing..

"All variety shows used to copy one another going overseas, now it seems they are all setting up restaurants"

"You guys are always going on a trip, then cook, then bring guests, then cook..."

"NA PD shows are basically all the same"


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