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  • Mary Kim



Seohyun of SNSD rarely makes mistakes, so netizens were puzzled as to why she decided to film 'Love and Leashes', a super cringy take on BDSM.

The movie is a hard watch, netizens asked why she took the role, with others writing:

I turned it off halfway lol ㅠㅠㅠ making the human bark like a dog was way too cringey lol
It's to make other directors and writers think about her one more time, due to her image being so concrete I don't think it was a bad choice but so many others are asking why she took the role
Even the male actor's image isn't like that, seriously why did they film this? Was a fan of both until the movie
Seohyun's pure image as SNSD maknae was innocent and I understand she wants to 'adultify' her image but this isn't it... there is a difference between adult sexy and this...
I don't want perverts coming out of the woodwork saying they need representation as well...
I thought this was a B grade movie
For real they were like 'dom' this and 'sub' that..
I thought it was good to see she had a sexy side
It isn't even like it's doing well on Netflix either...
I don't think it was too bad since her image has been so innocent all the time


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