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  • Cole Yoon


China ratings are at an all-time 'NO'.

Koreans are pissed AF that China continues their bizarre claim on Korean culture.

During the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, the host country paraded around a girl in Hanbok along with other Chinese participants wearing traditional garbs from minority cultures in the country.

The ceremony then showed musicians wearing traditional garb dancing and performing traditional Korean folk music, and showed Chinese citizens wearing Hanbok playing traditional Korean games.

This is just another in a long line of trespasses China has committed in regards to Korean country. The communist country recently went as far as claiming Kimchi and Bibimbap, two staple Korean cuisine dishes, as Chinese.

Netizens wrote:

China doing China again
It makes me so mad I don't even want to read articles about it or hear about the Chinese Olympics
Poor China, they want what isn't theirs so bad
Moon Jae In is a China Lover
They even had shown Kimbap, what is wrong with them?
This is ridiculous

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