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Not having it

Jang Won Young Instagram

A netizen on Korea's most popular community board was dragged for saying Jang Won Young is copying FREEZIA, Korea's hottest influencer at the moment pictured below.

Freezia courtesy of NETFLIX KOREA

The netizen wrote,

"I am sure Jang Won Young is copying Freezia;; I thought this picture was Freezia.

Also Freezia said she met her in a make up tutorial and according to her the two met and Jang Won Young told her she's a fan. So that is why they took a selfie.. Freezia offered to take the picture first. Anyway Jang Won Young subscribed to Freezia and it seems she copies her a lot. She says on her reality show that she has nothing to hide but isn't she more humble?... Felt like she was trying to be like Freezia."

Netizens disagreed however, downvoting the post. The top comment summed up the communities sentiment toward the post which a netizen wrote, "Leave Jang Won Young alone FFS."

What do you think, does the netizen have a point or is the singer an icon on her own?

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