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  • Mary Kim


If TOO honest was ever a thing...

'My Teenage Girl' contestant Kim Yoo Yeon is going viral for her honest answer on the show's finale last night. The contestant who garnered instant attention for her 'similar' looks to JENNIE, was asked, "What would you like to say to fellow contestants or family?" Kim then answered succinctly, "I am happy that I've become famous." And left it at that.

Fans reacted to her nonchalant cool answer, writing:

LOL In other words I'm going to live a great life as a non celebrity ^^ LOL It's better than some fake answer, this is her truth LOL She's not going to be an idol anyway so that's that How cool, heard she's going back to LEE HWA University, all she has to do now is to live her god tier life I'm more looking forward to her SNS activities than Classy TBH She doesn't need to be an idol, she was just doing it for fun to test the waters Isn't she the greatest winner at the end?

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