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  • Juice Shin

More Dancers Are Coming For ZSun And It Isn't Pretty

Bring the biscuits, we have the tea...

ZSun is facing major backlash not only from the public but now it seems other dancers as well, since the allegations were made that she exploited a former student. Dancers have started posting on their SNS accounts what they feel about the allegations as well as some new allegations of their own.

One wrote

You always used to talk smack about people behind their back and always talked about how other dancers were horrible teachers. But even for you this is a new low. What should've come out has come out. People like you never admit they are wrong, it must suck losing all your popularity and new gained fame as well as everyone in the nation knowing what kind of person you are. I hope you apologize to the victims.

Another dancer wrote

"There are many other dancers who have been hurt by ZSun but are too afraid to come out and tell their stories, even still". While captioning a conversation where an alleged dancer talks about being too scared to come out and talk about their hardships from dealing with ZSun.

Moral of the story.. Be good y'all...


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